Summer 2013, I moved to Laos over a period of 8 weeks like this. I wanted to go the entire way overland, but in Beijing I hit a wall and just couldn't do a 36 hour train ride followed by a 36 hour bus ride, so I took a plane to Bangkok before returning to rail travel. Real posts on these will... actually, you know what? I'm not even going to promise what I was going to promise. Let's just stick with a list and a map and see where we land.

Leg One: Balkans and Baltic (+Poland) Backpacking, all via bus unless noted-

* Budva, Montenegro (this was an unexpected detour on the way to Bosnia, not pictured)

*Mostar, Bosnia and Sarajevo, Bosnia

*Belgrade, Serbia 

*Budapest, Hungary (by train from Belgrade)

*Krakow, Poland (by overnight train from Budapest)

*Parnu, Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia, and Kuressaare (on Saaremaa Island)

Leg Two: Transmongolian railroad (a huge bucket list item since it was part of my goal to circumnavigate the world without a plane)

*St. Petersburg, Russia, overnight train to Moscow, Russia, four days on the train to Irkutsk, Russia

*Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and surrounding areas for camping

*Beijing, China, where the rail journey ended

Leg Three: Screw It, Get on a Plane

*Beijing to Bangkok

*Nong Khai (by overnight train from Bangkok)

*Vientiane, Laos


Summer 2012, I took a little over a month to move to Albania without a plane like this, with stops in all the following places to travel and sight see and be a big ol' tourist. Here are three maps, with details on the stops. 

Leg One: Amtrak from Denver, Colorado to New York

Leg Two: The Queen Mary ocean liner from New York to Southampton (the Transatlantic passage was a big bucket list item for me, because it was part of my larger goal to circumnavigate the world without a plane)

Leg Three: 

*Train from Southampton to London

*Train through the chunnel from London to Paris

*Train from Paris to Nice

*Train from Nice to Venice

*Train from Venice to Florence

*Day trip by bus to Cinque Terre (I will go back to hike the entire length of the trail, for certain)

*Back to Florence to catch a train all the way down to Bari

*Overnight ferry on a super sketch floating casino from Bari to Durres for my first sight of Albania

*"Taxi" from Durres to Tirana (I say "taxi" because I just negotiated with a random dude at the ferry terminal and he drove us in his car. I didn't speak Albanian, he didn't speak English, so he asked me, in Italian, if I spoke Italian. I spoke back, in Spanish, that I spoke a little Spanish. "Es igual" he said with a shrug, and we worked it out in Spanish and Italian and understood each other)

And here is one of those generic countries visited maps, just to put it all together.

visited 23 states (10.2%)
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