Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our House, With Two Cats Not in the Yard

The Tree House. That gate is my front door, but front door doesn't really mean the same thing here, you understand.

The Tree House contains the following inhabitants*:

1 (one) human
2 (two) kittens

The 1 (one) human has rabies vaccinations. The 2 (two) kittens do not.**

This is Laos.

*The Tree House also offers shelter to an enormous rag-tag community of rats, mice, geckos, spiders, mosquitoes, flies, and an array of bugs which I am unable to classify within the reference boundaries of my narrow North American experience of bugs and their names. But, as you can understand, counting these additional inhabitants is impossible.

**They will soon, but right now I'm the one walking a dusty trail lined with strange dogs, while the kittens enjoy a life of leisure and comfort, safely inside always, with a box to poop in and mosquito nets to vanquish and food bowls overflowing.


  1. You have a giant papaya tree out front!

    1. Now I just have to figure out how to shimmy up that trunk to pick 'em.