Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Final Destination: Tirana

We completed the transatlantic cruise and visited:







Cinque Terre day trip from Florence

We're safe in Tirana and have been for a little over a week, but between moving in to our apartment, getting settled in, and starting work I have had little to no desire to blog from the internet cafe. So, for now here's a picture of our first day wanderings, as we trekked from the park through Skanderbeg Square with everything we owned on our backs.

Once we have internet at home (which should happen in about two days, fingers crossed) and I can upload pictures and blog in my underwear, I will start writing again, beginning with trip recaps.

See you soon with more pictures and more stories!


  1. These pictures are so magical!!!
    xo TJ

  2. Thank you! It was an incredible trip. A month on the road is the longest I've ever traveled without moving somewhere :)